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4 Reasons Why Custom Themes are Best for WordPress Websites

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While there are those who feel strongly that employing any customization to WordPress themes is something to avoid at all costs, there are some good reasons why custom themes are recommended when it comes to WordPress websites.

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Here are 4 reasons why customization is the way to go:

1. You Want to Ensure the Theme You Choose is Secure and Safe

WordPress is an open sourced software, whereby anyone can design themes and provide them at no cost. Unfortunately, some of these free themes can be subject to malicious code by those who wish to cause harm on the Internet. By choosing customization, you are avoiding the potential threat that may come with predesigned themes, which could expose your business to online threats of hacking.

2. You Want a Unique Presence on the Internet

You may be in a position where you want your company to stand apart from the rest and in order to do so, custom design is the way to go, not settling for free or premium WordPress themes that many others also use. If you want to be unique, then customization is the answer.

3. There Are No Available Predesigned Themes That Meet Your Business Needs

If you have a business that requires customized features that are specific to your company needs, your best bet is to look at optimizing a WordPress theme by way of customization. Through a custom WordPress theme, you can make the necessary modifications needed in order to add extended functionalities etc., now and in the future.

4. You Want a Theme That is Optimized for Speed and Quality

Not all WordPress themes are well optimized for both speed and quality, and if you’re concerned about the user experience, you will want to look at a custom WordPress theme for your site. Using a custom WordPress theme will allow you to make the necessary modifications to coding that will optimize the performance and the user experience that is the end result for your online visitors. As well, free and premium themes are often heavy with features that not everyone needs, which can slow them down.

While it may cost more and involve more time to move forward with custom design and development of WordPress themes, it often can be the right decision to meet your business and customer needs.