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While there are those who feel strongly that employing any customization to WordPress themes is something to avoid at all costs, there are some good reasons why custom themes are recommended when it comes to WordPress websites. Here are 4 reasons why customization is the way to go: 1. You Want to Ensure the Theme […]

Websites are the first point of contact with potential new customers and clients. It is the first impression you give as a company, and it sets the tone for your professionalism, branding, and purpose. Clients are likely to judge the reliability and quality of your company based on the navigability and design of your website. […]

More plugins, more problems? Not really, however having more plugins does necessitate more updates, and staying on top of those updates can be vital to the performance and security of your website. Depending on your availability of time resources and your level of experience, there are several ways to ensure you keep up with the […]

WordPress Website Design involves customizing, conceptualizing, and presenting content planned for the Internet. Website design used for other purposes, such as web applications, portable applications, and UI structure requires coding. But WordPress Website Design service does not require coding. • Navigation: Site engineering, menus, and other navigation instruments in the website design must be made […]

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has grown considerably and now commands an enviable market share in website development. With nearly 40% of all websites built on its platform, WordPress continues to dominate the market and shows no sign of slowing down. The popularity of the WordPress platform is largely thanks to numerous improvements, platform […]

There isn’t much debate around the fact that WordPress is a popular and well-known platform used by online businesses from all types of industries, and that it continues to rise in popularity today. Just like any software though, there comes a time when you encounter errors on your website, and this can hold true for […]

If you are running a website, search engines are incredibly valuable sources of organic traffic, leads, and customers. As WordPress is widely known as an SEO friendly platform, you should use a well-optimized WordPress theme, coupled with a top WordPress SEO plugin, to reap the real benefits that optimization can offer. However, with hundreds of […]

A staging site is frequently used while building a new website, but it can also come in handy when updating and upgrading an existing site. By working in a staging setting, you ensure that the experience of your visitors isn’t interrupted as you make edits. The original site continues to operate normally until a decision […]

When people think of the cost of WordPress, they tend to focus on how much it takes to get a WordPress site up and live. But, what about the yearly fees for maintaining your WordPress site? The costs associated with a site don’t end once the site is built. Building a good WordPress site isn’t […]

When most people think about social media marketing for business, they typically think Facebook or Instagram. While these social media marketing tools are effective in helping to harness online business success, there are other social media channels that can be very effective for online business success, such as Twitter.