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Creating A Staging Site In WordPress

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A staging site is frequently used while building a new website, but it can also come in handy when updating and upgrading an existing site. By working in a staging setting, you ensure that the experience of your visitors isn’t interrupted as you make edits. The original site continues to operate normally until a decision is made to push those changes live.

Putting your staging site together can be easy or complicated, depending on which method you use and whether you’re creating a new website or copying an existing one. Below, we’ll present the two most straightforward and best ways to get the job done.

1. Set Up Your Staging Site Through Your Web Host

Maybe the most convenient way to create a staging website is to do it through your current web host. In fact, several hosts have simple one-click staging built right into their WordPress solutions, removing the need to install new plugins or finding alternative workarounds to use staging.

Here are some specific features that most hosts offer that makes staging a lot easier:

• One-click push: This lets you move the staging version of your site easily to the live server and vice versa.

• Automatic Backups: Some hosts automatically back up your website whenever you make your staging site live to give you more security.

• SEO-Friendly Safeguards: Hosts automatically put in place SEO safeguards to block any duplicate content issues and keep your staging site private.

While the resulting site will be online, you can still assure that it’s private, and viewers and search engines won’t be confused with your live site. Plus, it will usually be simple to make your staging site a copy of the live version. If your hosting company offers this option, there’s really no downside to using it.

2. Use a Staging Plugin 

If you can’t create a staging site through your web host, there’s another option. You can use a dedicated plugin to get the job done. Depending on the plugin you choose, the process of building your staging site will be simplified to some extent, although you may not get as many choices for working with it as you would through your hosting provider.

WP Staging plugin is the best option to create a staging site efficiently, even if your host doesn’t offer it.

It’s pretty easy to use and actually captures most of the benefits of the built-in staging sites.

All you do is click a button to create your staging site.

It’s SEO-friendly because it hides the staging version of your site from search engines and other visitors.

Creating a WordPress staging website is time taking and complicated if you don’t have the experience or you are not familiar and up to date on every new technical hack or new digital updates that come out basically every day. Our recommendation is to definitely to leave it to the experts and start saving time and money by letting your WP development team create an awesome, unique, and functional WordPress website for your business.

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