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If Done the Right Way, Local Content Could Be the Key to Small Brand Success in SEO

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If you run a small business online, it can be challenging to stand up against larger sized companies who have been established for longer periods of time and have bigger capital to spend on their business brand in SEO.


It’s not all hopeless for small online companies striving for brand success. Using local content the right way could be the key to boosting small Brand success in SEO strategies. There are a number of benefits for small businesses that implement a local SEO campaign such as:

• Increased local brand awareness
• Targeted local traffic
• Increase in site traffic
• Less competition than global marketing

It can be tricky to balance what engages readership and what satisfies popular search engines, but it is not an impossible task to achieve. Small online businesses can dominate the online marketing landscape by addressing the following local content tips:

• Optimize the website for local search by including business name, keywords and local city in page title tags. Consider including a separate location page for each location (if there is more than one brick-and-mortar location).

• Get local listed with Google+ so that local consumers can easily locate small businesses of interest.

• Get listed in local business directories and make sure to include accurate citations that note the business name, address and phone number.

• Create and add local content that would be of interest to local readers. This could be done in the form of an online blog, local articles, local newsletters, local surveys and contests open to local visitors.

If you are a small online business owner and find that you do not possess the skill, or time, to invest in local content marketing, you may want to seek out a professional who can aid your small online business to small Brand success in SEO. Local exposure can have a significant impact on your conversion rates, today and in the future.