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10 Good Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Company Website

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There is no shortage of website software solutions out there, and in fact there are so many available options out there to choose from, it can be a real challenge deciding which software platform to select for designing your company website.

In a sea of options available, there are a handful of content management solutions which seem to be preferred among businesses, one of them being WordPress. Here are 10 good reasons to use WordPress for your next company website project:

WordPress for Your Company Website

1. Highly Cost-Effective

WordPress is a very user-friendly software platform and, as a result,most businesses can manage their own company websites, which in turn makes it a highly cost-effective software solution.

2. Mobile Friendly

With some many people using mobile devices these days, it is critical to have a mobile responsive website. With WordPress, it’s a snap to have your company website be mobile-friendly, as many of their themes are responsive.

3. Highly Customizable

WordPress offers countless plug-ins and themes, which you can choose incorporate into your company website, making it possible for you to customize and add functions that you need.

4. It Costs Nothing

All businesses love saving money, and with WordPress they are able to do so, as there is absolutely no cost to the software, and no hidden fees.

5. Integrates Well With 3rd Party Software

If you want to build a powerhouse of a company website, then WordPress, coupled with third party software which offers support for e-mail campaigns, payment gateways, etc., is the perfect solution, as WordPress works well with many other software platforms.

6. Ability to Assign Multiuser Admin Access

WordPress permits the ability to assign multiple people to multiple roles for your company website, such as super-admin, admin, author, editor, contributor, etc.

7. Highly Secure

Given how popular WordPress is, it tends to be a target for determined hackers wishing to exploit sensitive data from websites which use this software platform. With this unwanted attention, the WordPress community consistently monitors and updates its software, to prevent harm to users.

8. Top Notch Support

WordPress has a huge community of knowledgeable users, available to answer questions and troubleshoot.

9. Easy to Install

If you want to get going quickly with designing your company website, WordPress can meet this need, as it is easy to install and ready to use after installation.

10. SEO Friendly

WordPress is essentially a search engine friendly website platform. Optimizing meta-descriptions, ALT tags, image titles, etc. can easily be done using WordPress.