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While there are those who feel strongly that employing any customization to WordPress themes is something to avoid at all costs, there are some good reasons why custom themes are recommended when it comes to WordPress websites. Here are 4 reasons why customization is the way to go: 1. You Want to Ensure the Theme […]

Websites are the first point of contact with potential new customers and clients. It is the first impression you give as a company, and it sets the tone for your professionalism, branding, and purpose. Clients are likely to judge the reliability and quality of your company based on the navigability and design of your website. […]

WordPress Website Design involves customizing, conceptualizing, and presenting content planned for the Internet. Website design used for other purposes, such as web applications, portable applications, and UI structure requires coding. But WordPress Website Design service does not require coding. • Navigation: Site engineering, menus, and other navigation instruments in the website design must be made […]

A staging site is frequently used while building a new website, but it can also come in handy when updating and upgrading an existing site. By working in a staging setting, you ensure that the experience of your visitors isn’t interrupted as you make edits. The original site continues to operate normally until a decision […]

There are a number ofEcommerce software solutions available to businesses to choose from,but there is one Ecommerce platform many businesses have chosen over others to build their website, which is WordPress. WordPress started off in its infancy as a blogging platform, but over the years developed to be one of the most popular CMS platforms […]

There are many considerations to take into account when building a new website or blog. Your level of technical expertise, design flexibility, and speed are all significant factors to take into account. One important consideration that may be overlooked at times is the First Contentful Paint (FCP) scores of content management systems.

WordPress continues to be a popular CMS for companies ranging from small to large, and according to W3Techs, WordPress now powers 30% of the Internet. If you’re one of the many who use WordPress as a foundation for a website, you know all of the benefits that come with using it, but if you’re finding […]

In today’s world, it can be difficult to find the time you need to finish everything you need to get done in life and this holds true in the business world as well. While many years ago, when it was acceptable and common to build a website and leave it as is, nowadays it’s imperative […]

When it comes to choosing a platform for running an online store, many businesses choose to go with WooCommerce. This free WordPress plug-in, which has been made available since 2011, is used to power thousands of e-Commerce sites worldwide, and provides all the functionality needed in order to run a successful online shop.

There are a number of different types of CMS platforms out there and you’ve likely heard of WordPress, but perhaps you’re asking yourself, should you build a WordPress website? If you’ve never been exposed to WordPress before, you’re probably not all that familiar with why so many businesses have used WordPress to build their websites. […]