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4 Easy Steps You Can Take to Speed Up a WordPress Website

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WordPress continues to be a popular CMS for companies ranging from small to large, and according to W3Techs, WordPress now powers 30% of the Internet.

If you’re one of the many who use WordPress as a foundation for a website, you know all of the benefits that come with using it, but if you’re finding your WordPress website to be performing slower than usual you may need to look at ways to speed up your website, so that your site doesn’t experience a negative effect with search engines.

Here are 4 easy steps you can take to speed up a WordPress website:

1. Look At Better Hosting

It can be tempting to choose a hosting provider that offers inexpensive hosting services, but if they aren’t able to support your WordPress website during spikes in traffic, etc., then it’s a better option for you to look at going with a reputable hosting provider that may cost a little more.

2. Remove Themes And/Or Plug-Ins You No Longer Need

Over time, you may have installed a number of themes or plug-ins, but you no longer use them or need them. To speed up a WordPress website in little to no time, you just simply need to delete any unused themes or plug-ins from the WP-content folder. Removing these unwanted files makes access to current themes and plug-ins in this folder much quicker.

3. Add A WordPress Caching Plug-In

Another step you can take to speed up a WordPress website is by adding a word press caching plug-in that essentially configures a number of caches on the website, including browser cache,
object cache, page caching, etc.

4. Optimize WordPress Database

Databases can grow immensely over time, storing data which is no longer needed or of use. If you want a simple way to speed up your website, take the time every few months to clean up your database, as this will help with latency issues.

By taking a few steps to speed up a WordPress website, you can ensure the enhancement of the user experience, search engine visibility, and search engine rankings. Nowadays, it’s crucial for online business owners to have a website that is performing at its best, to keep up with competitors and meet the needs of today’s consumers.