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Is it Time to Drop Wix for WordPress?

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There are many considerations to take into account when building a new website or blog. Your level of technical expertise, design flexibility, and speed are all significant factors to take into account. One important consideration that may be overlooked at times is the First Contentful Paint (FCP) scores of content management systems.

If you haven’t heard of it before, FCP is a user experience metric that measures how fast a webpage shows usable content to site visitors. According to Http archive, based on the FCP scores of top content management systems, web builders should drop Wix for WordPress. The study showed that Wix was actually dead last behind every CMS in the analysis for the fastest scores. Ranking last out of a total of 290 CMSs analyzed for achieving a score of Fast is more than a little embarrassing.

According to the study, only 7.99 percent of the Wix sites measured were able to earn a Fast ranking, whereas 30.94 percent of the WordPress sites measured achieved a Fast ranking. While performance actually improved when tested in the mobile environment, the results were still not great. Of all the Wix sites measured, only 9.01 percent were able to achieve a ranking of Fast on mobile, compared to WordPress at 19.12 percent.

In today’s technological world, waiting more than a few seconds for a website to load will cost a website visitors. People will click out of a website if the load time takes too long, and for many, three seconds or less is the maximum time they want to wait. Fast is the name of the game and average or slow ratings just won’t cut it.

Wix may be an easy to use website builder with a gentle learning curve, but it doesn’t offer the same possibilities as WordPress. Through WordPress, users can virtually create any type of website, although some technical knowledge and programming skills may be required.

If ad views, ad clicks, or sales numbers matter to you, then FCP scores should be just as important. After all, we know that the longer a site visitor must wait for a page, the more likely they are to leave without ever viewing the page.

If you would like more website traffic, increased ad clicks or improved visitor retention, consider dropping Wix for WordPress and focusing on a Fast FCP rating.