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Keep Up-To-Date with This WordPress Maintenance Guide

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In today’s world, it can be difficult to find the time you need to finish everything you need to get done in life and this holds true in the business world as well. While many years ago, when it was acceptable and common to build a website and leave it as is, nowadays it’s imperative for business owners to keep their online website maintained and updated.

If you are like many busy business owners today, who use WordPress as the foundation for a website, but struggle to keep up with the daily operations of business and website maintenance duties, consider following this WordPress maintenance guide as an easy reference:

• Regularly Install WordPress Updates

WordPress issues regular updates to its software platform. To keep your WordPress website running smoothly and securely, make sure to install the WordPress updates on a regular basis.

• Review And Update Security Measures

It’s best practice to review and update your security measures on a regular basis to ensure your WordPress website remains safe from any online threats. Make sure to remove permissions and roles for those who no longer need access to your site, and update passwords every few months (a strong password). In addition, installing a WordPress security plug-in can help reduce security vulnerabilities.

• Conduct Performance Analytics

When it comes to WordPress maintenance, conducting performance analysis of your website is important, as you can find out whether or not your website pages are experiencing any latency issues. A great tool to use for this task is Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

• Implement Regular WordPress Database Backups

One of the most important tasks on the WordPress maintenance guide is ensuring to implement regular WordPress database backups and storing backups off-site for extra security.

• Update Website Content

In an effort to enhance user engagement and ensure your website is functioning at its best, you’ll want to regularly update your website content, ensuring to remove old images no longer needed, fixing broken links, including up-to-date relevant and interesting content your readers will find valuable, etc.

Whether you choose to use this WordPress maintenance guide or create one of your own, providing regular WordPress maintenance can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.